Feb 14, 2017

Hello Everyone!

What will everyone think?  Will they like it?  Will they come back to read more?  These are just a few of the many, and I mean many, thoughts that have passed through my head prior to this.  And now the time as come that I sit here ready to write, ready to share my life with anyone willing to listen.  In a sense I would say I feel vulnerable but in the other sense I feel free and somewhat excited.  Kind of like a weight lifted off of me... This is my life.  My REAL life.  Not just hearts and flowers and puppy dog tails but real life.  As I sit here typing, I have had to stop three times now to regroup because my three year old has asked me twenty five questions and bumped into my arm twice!  That's real life!  I want to share my ups and downs, as well as my experiences, things I've learned, things I need to learn.  Everything.  Some people may say "why"?  My answer is "why not"?  I am proud of my life thus far so why not let others in?  Try something new.  Enjoy it!

I've been married 5 years.  (And yes, just to be honest, I had to stop and think about it.  Five years?  No, wait, six.  Nope, five!)  My southern roots are firmly planted in Georgia.  I will slip up with the occasional "ya'll". "ain't", and probably a few "bless your hearts"!  I was born and raised around it so no sense in changing my vocabulary now.  We have our one and only, Presley, who is about to turn four years old.  She is without a doubt the reason my heart beats every day.  I never knew I could be given something so wonderful.  She is the epitome of a perfect angel.  I always say "I love that little thing with all my heart!"

We just recently sold our house and built a new house in a neighborhood (we weren't in a neighborhood before).  We've officially been in the new house for about six weeks.  My oh my, what a trying time it has been.  We still have boxes here, there and everywhere.  It is an event I would like to NOT do again anytime soon.  I always say it has taken years off of my life.  And I truly do believe that!  Moving is not for the faint of heart.  But once we are all settled in and warm weather comes around, I think I will be completely confident with our decision.  But until then, you may catch me not knowing what day it is or time or where I'm at!  Unpacking a house is a lot to handle on your already full plate.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel, right?

In my blog, I want to focus on my everyday life.  If I work out, I want to share my routine with you.  I am definitely not one of those that checks in every single time I go to the gym or eat a clean meal!  So this will be out of my comfort zone.  And I can't wait!  It will be a way to hold myself accountable and hopefully some of you guys will do the same.  It's always easier when you have each other for support, right?  Also, if I try some new makeup, I want to show you what I tried and show you the results.  Now talking about comfort zones, this is really out of mine!  Let's just say my selfie game is not that strong!  I am not one to take a thousand pictures of my face and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc... That just sounds scary!  But maybe after I master this said selfie situation, I can do a blog about it!  No, really!  How hard could it be, right?  And like I said above, I have an entire new house to decorate.  I'll show you what I'm doing with my decor inside and out!  I'm madly, deeply in love with the farmhouse theme.  Yes, I guess I've jumped on the bandwagon.  And no, I don't regret it yet!  My entire house consists neutrals.  Whites, grays, creams, browns.  I want to add a lot of textures to it and just add a few pops of color throughout.  I feel like I have a niche for decorating but I don't want to give myself too much credit!  I'll let you guys be the judge of that.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.  I think it'll be a fun one!  If you have any questions, comments or would like to introduce yourself, please feel free to contact me,  I can't wait to meet some new friends!

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