April 14, 2015

Getting the news :) :)

My husband and I found out I was pregnant at about 5 weeks but since we were trying I guess we really knew from the beginning ... I took a pregnancy test after my period was 9 days late ... I felt like if I was that late, I just had to be pregnant (yet I still had some doubt also because I had been that late before in the past and not been pregnancy .. more on our journey to getting pregnant later). So I kept holding off taking the test because I wasn't ready to see another negative sign!

June 6, 2014 ...

The day we got the second happiest news of our lives (the first being the day our son was born early and seeing he was healthy and so perfect)!

We were getting ready to go for a weekend trip to Pennsylvania for my cousin's graduation party from high school and to see a bunch of family. I knew that there would be drinking (Yes, we like to enjoy a few beers at a cookout ;-)) so I felt like I really needed to know! I didn't want to start of my little peanut's journey drinking if I was actually pregnant.

We already had pregnancy tests at home (again, we had been trying for months at this point and we really should have bought stock in those little plastic sticks the amount of money we spent on them) so I didn't have to run to the drug store or anything dramatic like in the movies ...

I waited for my husband to come home and then did my thing into a cup haha and then stuck two tests into the cup. One digital and one traditional

We waited ... for the whole 5 minutes the directions tell you to wait even though the negatives come up in like a minute .... it was so long!!! Finally it was time to look, we were so nervous yet I kinda felt nonchalant about it because we had gotten so many negative in the past

 A pink plus sign appeared and then I looked at the digital one in disbelief as I read the words PREGNANT!!! OMG PREGNANT!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!

We stared at each other in disbelief for a second and then screamed and hugged and I won't lie I cried .. Happy and "oh shit what did we do scared out of my mind I am going to be a mom" tears but in a very excited way!!!

We were finally going to get our happy ending!!!

We cried and hugged some more and then had to get on the road for our trip! The whole ride in the car was just us glowing and talking about being pregnant ... oh and how to keep this thing a secret and not shout it from the mountain tops this early :)

** Please keep reading for more on our Journey

April 8, 2015

Upcoming Topics

So now that I am back in the saddle so to speak and hoping to post much more often, I wanted to give you readers an idea of what is to come!

I plan to take you back through my pregnancy journey: the highs, the lows, the parties, the pictures, everything!

Of course there will also be posts about life as a mommy now and some cute pictures of course of my adorable little man!

I really enjoy the idea of my "What's for dinner" posts and plan to make that a recurring topic.

I will also post different topics that come to me or experiences I have that aren't planned, too!!

Comment below and tell me what you would like to see more of (or less of too) and I will incorporate those topics into new posts!

See you soon,

I'm Back!!!

Boy it has been too long!!! Life just got in the way and swallowed me up whole!!

Since my last post (AUGUST 2014, WHAT?!?!) I have moved twice, had 5 months more of my pregnancy, gave birth to the most amazing little man and have been living the last 3 (almost) months being a new mom!!

WHEW!!! WHAT A WHIRLWIND!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am hoping to slowly restart my blog and get back into the groove of posting regularly! It will probably only be a couple posts a month at first until I can settle back into a routine (Oh, you know and figure out this whole "find time to do anything extra while being a mommy to an infant" LOL) but hopefully I will be back up and running with weekly posts quickly!!! The blog will likely still be an overall view of my life so I will be sharing all the topics within it but as I am a new mom it will likely be more of a "mommy blog" for the next few months because WELL I AM A MOMMY haha and things are new and we are just figureing them all out. 

So I hope you will keep coming back and look forward to following the blog again!! :) :)
See you soon,

August 8, 2014

Honesty is really the best policy!!

SO if you are a following reader you already know, but I AM PREGNANT!! :) :) I am just entering my second trimester and truly have been so excited that my husband and I are having our first child. 

BUT with the excitement comes a little bit of nervous or scared energy! I mean come on, I have never been a parent before! I will now make every decision in life not just for myself or my husband but also for our child, who is its own being!! THAT IS A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITY!!

Some people, or a lot of people, make it seem like you are not suppose to be anything but super thrilled! and I don't think that is very fair! It is very scary to have something all new happening with your mind and body plus planning for giving your little one the best life you can!

Well, I finally found some comfort in being HONEST about those feelings!! I am an avid follower of Kate who writes The Small Things Blog and she posted a recent post about her second pregnancy and she made one comment that really really hit home with me!

The post is about the beginning of her second pregnancy and how it came about and how she feels about it. She made the statement "96% of me is very excited, and the other 4% is a bit nervous, if I’m being totally honest." 

This statement is EXACTLY how I feel!!! and you know what, it is FINALLY nice to hear someone else say it! I have had all this guilt that I am nervous and a little bit scared because I am totally thrilled and I really haven't ever wanted anything as much as I wanted this pregnancy for our family. I am glad to know that I can be honest!!!

Kate has some great advice in regards to her first pregnancy and parenting (also awesome fashion and beauty tips too)!! I highly recommend following her blog! And a special thanks to Kate for being honest and letting me know that it is ok and normal to be honest too!!!